Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Miss Willmott~ Line Drawing & Color Study

I managed to complete a line sketch and have been working on creating a palette for this painting. I'd love to keep the colors on the cool side because I plan to put the completed painting in a silver metal frame. After experimenting with several colors I wound up using Phthalo green & Indigo on this thumbnail along with a little Cobalt Blue Deep and Ultramarine Violet to liven things up. Sorry for the sloppy looking thumbnail. It's approx. 4" X 6" and I just don't have the brush sizes for this small of a task. I was still able to get an idea of how this particular palette will work....or not.
*I think this needs more violet*

Although it really doesn't show in the photo I added some colored pencil to the background...Prismacolor's Black Grape, Ultramarine Blue and Cerulean Blue. I've always wanted to explore mixing other mediums with my watercolors. I'm sure I'll be doing much more of that in the future.


vivien said...

this will look gorgeous in a silver frame :)

I love using cp's over watercolour - it adds a whole new range of marks to play with

Billie Crain said...

thanks, Vivien.:) i really liked the effect of the CP's on the texture of the watercolor paper. it added an interesting dimension to the background. next i'd like to try pastels.

Anita said...

OOOOH I love this and the study too! How delicious!

Mary said...

Billie, you have definitely come out of the artist block. I go out of town and come back yto come wonderful artwork of your's. I love it all!!!

Billie Crain said...

Anita & Mary, thanks for stopping by and commenting.:D i'm still working on the comp on this one. the more i look at it the more boring it becomes. looks more like a mugshot rather than capturing the 'excitement' of this plant. still struggling with artist block but i'm hoping that will change soon.