Saturday, November 10, 2007

Getting Creative to Create

I was browsing Flickr for interesting cat photos when I stumbled onto Peek-Peek. I fell in love with this kitty immediately! He's a chubby Persian belonging to Bokeh. One pose caught my attention because I've had an idea in my head for a painting called 'The Cat That Swallowed The Moon'. I contacted Bokeh who graciously agreed to let me use her photo. Now the fun began.

I had the vision in my head but I knew I needed lighting references to bring this idea to life. Necessity truly is the mother of invention. Grabbing my Crayola Teddy Bear and an old frosted globe light diffuser I set up a mockup still life. I nestled the teddy bear into my rocking chair, set the globe in it's lap and stuck a mini flashlight into the globe to create the 'moonglow'. I duct taped the bear's paws to the globe and set a potted plant arrangement next to my 'still life' and let the light fall where it may. I played in Irfanview to pinpoint where the majority of the light/shadow fell on my subjects.

There's still background details to work out so this project is still in the sketch phase. It'll be awhile until I'm satisfied enough to start painting. If all goes well it should be a fun new cat to add to my series. Thanks again, Bokeh and Peek-Peek!


Tracey said...

lol that is hilarious! I thought my kids were tough on their stuffed animals....but a flashlight... ;)I am looking forward to seeing this one progress, great idea and love the title!

Stacy said...

Very creative Billie!! Isn't it funny what we will go through to get a reference for a painting. I can't wait to see this one develop. It sounds like it will be a great addition to your series!

Billie Crain said...

Tracey, my teddy bear survived this indignity with little after trauma. it's all for a good cause anyway. LOL

Stacy, i thought i had a pretty good idea when i hatched this plan.:) it worked ok but i wish i had a stuffed Persian cat instead. not the real thing, of course! the bear will have to do. at least it gave me some idea of the lighting and that was what i needed.