Friday, March 09, 2007

Daffodil wip

Here's the finished painting. I may decide to
do a little more tweaking or chalk this one
up to experience.

I've masked off the finished cup and
started working first on the background,
then on the foliage and the lowest petal.
I started with the cup first, then masked it off
before completing the rest.
The sketch. I wound up tweaking this a little as I went along.

I enjoyed Mehaffey's technique so much I thought I'd try it again on another subject. I've used the same reference for this daffodil with graphite and really loved the results. This was much more difficult than the waterlily and I'm not entirely sure I like the results. It's all part of the learning experience, though.


Desiree's Designs said...

I love your work, I have been sitting here reading all of your WIP's, very impressive. I think its great that you continue to try new things, and they seem to be working for you!

Billie Crain said...

Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment, Desiree.:-) i was just browsing your's and i remember the new baby for a new year painting from Jean's(Aquarelle10's) class. you loosened up a lot more than i did! lol i see you like to try new things, too. i love your cat!

Lisa Ober said...

If I could, I would buy all of your paintings! I promise to make you rich if I win the lottery. I'll have a Crain Gallery in my new mansion. Start planning now...

Billie Crain said...

Lisa, if you have my luck with the lottery well......i won't hold my breath but it's the thought that counts. lol how about we trade..even steven. you open the Crain Gallery and i'll open the Ober gallery. sound like a plan?